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Speech Language Therapy

Our therapists use a variety of techniques to teach children the essential skills needed to be confident and successful communicators. Speech-language treatment plans and goals are developed and implemented based upon your child’s needs.

Occupational Therapy

Pediatric Speech Therapy Associates offers a comprehensive, state-of-the-art pediatric Occupational Therapy Program with a vibrant developmental approach. Our skilled and versatile occupational therapy team specializes in the evaluation and treatment of children from premature babies to teenagers.

Feeding Therapy

Our Therapists are trained to treat infants, toddlers, and adolescents with a variety of feeding difficulties. Problems with feeding and swallowing may occur due to a variety of medical or physical conditions including: dysphagia, feeding-tube dependency, oral-motor chewing difficulty, “picky” eaters, and food/oral aversions.

Physical Therapy

Our pediatric physical therapists evaluate and treat premature babies, full-term infants, young children, pre-teens and teens having health issues associated with motor development and movement dysfunction due to disease or injury.