Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) Social Group

Pediatric Speech Therapy Associates believes every child should be provided the tools and opportunities to communicate with their peers.

With the help of Shelly Elfner, MS, CCC-SLP, AAC Expert, Pediatric Speech Therapy Associates (PSTA) has developed and designed a state-of-the art, interactive, fun-filled social group for children who use Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) systems. This social group gives our patients the incredible opportunity to communicate with other children who use AAC, develop their language skills and use their devices in new and exciting ways.

PSTA’s AAC Social Skills Group is an ongoing group where children can develop and retain long lasting friendships with other children. We focus our attention on understanding the strengths and unique challenges of each child in order to improve communication through the use of their device.
With years of experience working with children using adaptive communication devices, Shelly Elfner will implement different strategies to encourage children to communicate with one another.

Group Details:
– Duration: Ongoing
– Cost: Call Our Office for Details & Insurance Options Available

Group Benefits
– Increased peer to peer communication (Group segmented based on age & ability)
– Increased understanding and use of communication device
– Parents are provided with implementation strategies to use with their child at home and in the community
– Build relationships with other families who utilize AAC

Watch your child during the group! PSTA has technology to allow parents to watch the therapy session in action.