Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Great Experience

Parent – May 26, 2017

Rhonda knows how to help my little guy. She shares with the joy when he speaks more often and helps him feel confident. I am so thankful for Rhonda and all she does to bless our family by helping our son. We love you Rhonda, thank you so much.


Parent – May 23, 2017

Emily has given my son the confidence to try things and she is sweet and silly with him. He looks forward to OT every week. Thank you Emily.

Jen is fabulous!

Parent – May 2, 2017

Jen is such a great resource to help me with my son. She’s got such a talent getting my son regulated.

We Love

Parent – April 28, 2017

We love working with Emily. She is always sunny, cheerful and makes OT fun for our kids.


Parent – April 28, 2017

Positive, Knowledgeable, Cares, Smart, Fun, Fabulous, Professional

We are so thankful to Emily for all she does to help our son. She is kind, quick on her toes and always comes up with creative ways to have our son achieve his goals. Thank you for all that you do.

From the moment we met Kara and Emily our lives completely changed for the better.

Parent – November 8, 2016

My 3 year old son was diagnosed with Autism in July of 2016. Prior to him being diagnosed, he only said 1-2 words, and was not speaking in complete sentences. He was also unaccustomed to sitting in a structured learning environment for long periods of time. We set up our first appointment at Pediatric Speech Therapy and I honestly didn’t know what to expect. From the moment we met Kara and Emily our lives completely changed for the better. Not only has my sons vocabulary increased to actual sentences, he is also able to enunciate words that he couldn’t even say 7 months ago. We have seen unbelievable improvements in his cognitive, receptive and expressive language. I am now able to enjoy having conversations with my son. Prior to receiving OT, my son was unable to hold a cup and drink from it on his own. Now he is able to do that as well as feed himself. I honestly don’t know where my son would be today if he hadn’t received treatment from Pediatric Speech Therapy. Both Kara and Emily have truly become such a huge part of my sons life and he absolutely loves them. They have been kind enough to include me in every aspect of his therapy as well as his quarterly goals. They provide me with the tools that I need to teach him at home. My son gets so excited on therapy day because he really enjoys seeing his 2 most favorite therapists. Thank you Pediatric Speech for working wonders with my son!

It is so nice to be able understand what my son says and it has taken away so much frustration for him as well.

Parent – July 11, 2014

My son’s speech was extremely difficult to understand just 4 months ago. He is making wonderful progress at Pediatric Speech Therapy and everyone tells us how much easier he is to understand. It is so nice to be able understand what my son says and it has taken away so much frustration for him as well.

Jennifer Massey does your company credit! I would highly recommend her, and Pediatric Speech Therapy Associates, to any of my friends who find themselves in need of speech therapy for their child.

Parent – May 14, 2014

I wanted to write to tell you about the fantastic experience my son, and by extension, our entire family, has had working with Jen Massey. My son is now 2 3/4 years old, and he began working with Jen in December 2012, when he was 17 months old. He qualified for early intervention due to his speech delay; at the time he was evaluated by Child Find, he only said “ba” consistently, and he used it indiscriminately. We had been teaching him sign language since he turned one, as we had with our older child, but unlike her, my son hadn’t progressed from signing to speaking. He was adding new signs every day, but when he did not know a particular sign and was unable to indicate to us what he wanted to communicate, he became extremely frustrated.

Our coordinator at Developmental Pathways, highly recommended Jen. Our service coordinator told me that Jen was her “favorite” speech therapist as she had both excellent skills and an uncanny ability to build rapport with her patients. We were lucky that Jen had an opening in her schedule that worked with ours. From the beginning, Jen’s professionalism and empathetic nature helped me relax and not feel as anxious about our son’s speech delay. She quickly evaluated his deficits as well as his strengths and gave us concrete suggestions for things we could do to support him. These ranged from showing me how to give him facial prompts for certain challenging sounds and games we could play emulating new sounds (saying “ah-choo” while letting a toy fall off our heads) early on, to incorporating more art projects when she noticed his excitement and willingness to make independent comments when engaged in them. His progress under Jen’s care has been miraculous. Within 4 weeks of working with her he began saying “mama,” a huge milestone that meant so much to me. Within 5 months, he was starting to speak in sentences, “Mama open door,” being one memorable utterance in April 2013.

In addition to her ability to engage our son and broaden his speech immeasurably, Jen is particularly good at checking in with us at the start of each session to see what has worked/not worked in the past week. She is then able to tailor the session and the “homework” assignments to address our son’s current issues. This way, we are continually able to make progress without being stuck using ineffective strategies. Jen always seemed to have another approach in her repertoire, and our son quickly began looking forward to her visits each week.

I could go on and on about what having Jen in our lives has meant to us, but this is already a lengthy missive and I am certain you know what a wonderful job she does. I just want to point out that as our son progressed, Jen continued to evaluate his needs and she was instrumental in securing additional services (physical therapy) for him and integrating some PT tips into her sessions with him, where appropriate. Also, as his language blossomed and he developed a huge spoken vocabulary, Jen determined that he could benefit from an articulation specialist, and worked to make that happen. She does your company credit! I would highly recommend her, and Pediatric Speech Therapy Associates, to any of my friends who find themselves in need of speech therapy for their child.

This is a great program (Toddler Talk)

Parent in Toddler Talk – May 12, 2014

This is a great program. I love that we get to bring the kids and they participate with other therapists while the parents are in a class learning techniques. – Thanks, Katie

A+++ Ms. Jen. You are absolutely wonderful!

Parent – December 12, 2013

I just wanted to write you a really quick note to let you know what a FANTASTIC job Ms. Jen did with our son’s speech therapy. She is wonderful and is totally in the right job. We could really tell that she really loves her job and does a great job with kids. She was always very punctual and on time for every session and arrived at our house with a smile on her face every time. 

We very much appreciated all of the hard work that she did with our son in getting him to be age appropriate with his speech. Also, Ms. Jen was kind enough to give some “R” saying pointers to our six year old and it really worked. He was so proud to show Ms. Jen that (after he help and coaching) he was now able to say his “Rs” flawlessly.

A+++ Ms. Jen. You are absolutely wonderful!

Jacque McKay has played a major role in my child’s success

Parent – September 4, 2013

“There is a great line of communication betweens us and I am able to explain issues anx if she cant help she finds answers and help. My son have inproved tons since we have started the program and are excited for the future progress.”

 My child is making huge strides

Parent – September 4, 2013

“Clara has made huge strides in her speech over the past 5 mos, saying very few words at the beginning to now working putting multiple words together.  This is more than we could have hoped for in such a short time frame!! Jen Pedri has been truly a blessing to our family.  My daughter lights up when she sees her, and loces the time she spends with her!  thank you so much for everything!!”

 Jacque McKay has been amazing

Tom – August 24, 2013

“Jacque is amazing with my son and I will be forever great full to her for helping my son with his speech… He has come a long way now I could understand what he wants or needs by mouth or sign…plus my son really looks forward to seeing his teacher… & she is so patient with him & understanding…..thanks”

Jennifer Massey has been treating my son for over a year now and has always impressed me with her dedication, skill set and level of expertise

Cynthia – July 27, 2013

Jennifer Massey has been treating my son for over a year now and has always impressed me with her dedication, skill set and level of expertise. She is great at tailoring a structured lesson plan which accommodates my son’s deficits while keeping him engaged and on task. Jennifer is always on time, thoroughly prepared and contributes 100% to each session. She has helped teach our family ways to incorporate speech techniques into our daily activities so we can achieve large gains in speech acquisition (both expressive and receptive). Jennifer has also been very helpful in addressing some feeding concerns/oral motor issues. She is unbelievably responsive to questions and is always striving to develop and implement new, fun, creative strategies to help my son achieve success. We truly value our time with Jennifer and highly recommend her to anyone seeking a SLP.

Angie Morgan, MA, CCC-SLP came to us as a highly praised referral for our son

Anne – July 20, 2013

Angie came to us as a highly praised referral for our son who had significant delays in his verbal communication. It was important for us to find someone who was professional and dedicated to her profession, as our sons ability to communicate is vital to the care of his chronic medical condition. We were truly impressed with her dedication to help our son achieve his goals. Not only did she help with his verbal communication, but also his ability to focus, his cognitive understanding and discipline. Our son has acheived his goals and now is able to communicate his needs, which has made a big difference in managing his chronic condition. He truly enjoyed the time she was with him and he misses her weekly visits. She has also given us the tools to carry on her work with our son. We could not have asked for a better speech therapist or more caring individual. We will all miss Angie!

Toddler Talk was INCREDIBLE

Sam, Dawn, Cannon & Jett – July 2, 2013

Thank you to all the great Speech Language Pathologists at Pediatric Speech Therapy Associates! The progress our son made while participating in the Toddler Talk group was amazing! Everyone was wonderful with the kids and was supportive of the parents. The Hanen material is practical and easy to apply. I highly recommend Toddler Talk!

You have done an outstanding job and gone above and beyond

Mahmoud – June 12, 2013

We want to thank Lexie Cole, MS, CCC-SLP & Pediatric Speech Therapy Associates for all the efforts, ideas and the many hours of speech therapy you’ve provided to