Ongoing Pediatric Therapy Groups

Enhancing Skills in a Fun-Filled Therapy Groupdp

In Partnership with Developmental Pathways, Pediatric Speech Therapy Associates is Able to Offer Pediatric Therapy Groups Specifically Designed for 3-6 Year Olds

We are adding groups everyday… Don’t miss out on this incredible offering by Developmental Pathways.

Pediatric Speech Therapy Associates is committed to providing experiences for children to learn and fine-tune skills within a fun-filled group environment. Our creative groups provide your child with wonderful opportunities for typical childhood experiences that build self-esteem and encourage social/emotional development. Each group is developed and facilitated by an occupational, physical, and/or speech therapist. Groups are organized and planned to meet the needs of your child within the group setting. Families consistently share that the group experience has made a positive impact on their child and in their family!

Cost of Groups are Funded Through Developmental PathwaysEnroll

About our Groups

Speech & Language Therapy Groups – Our speech & language groups provide a literacy rich environment where kids have fun learning to become better communicators through singing, social interactions, and a wide-range of school readiness activities.  Therapists regularly consult with parents and provide activities for practice at home.

Occupational Therapy Groups – Our occupational therapy groups help children participate in everyday activities of their lives, such as playing, dressing, and helping out at home.  These exciting groups incorporate peer interactions, motor planning & coordination, handwriting, and various school readiness activities.   Therapists provide consultation with parents in order to assist each child with their unique needs.

Physical Therapy Groups – Our physical therapy groups are designed to maximize your child’s developmentally-appropriate body movement and function in a fun and motivating environment. Your child will love improving their motor skills through movement and music. Consultation with parents occurs each group session to support carry-over at home.