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Handwriting Skills Group | Pediatric Speech Therapy Associates

Writing is a complex task, incorporating components of coordination, organization, speed, strength and endurance. Very few children develop good handwriting skills independently. For many children, integrating these components represents a challenge. Additionally, penmanship and self-esteem are closely linked. Children who write well easily do better in school and enjoy it more. Those who have difficulty with the quality and/or speed of their handwriting are frequently at a disadvantage in the high paced classroom setting. Clearly, effective handwriting is a critical tool for succeeding in school. But acquiring this important skill does not have to be a burden.

Pediatric Speech Therapy Associates offers Handwriting Skills groups for children of all abilities that are presented in a fun, interactive way with movement breaks provided in our sensory-motor gym. Pediatric Speech Therapy Associates’ Handwriting Skills Groups are based on the nationally recognized Handwriting Without Tears® Curriculum developed by Jan Z. Olsen, OTR. This program will teach your child a method of handwriting which is neat and proficient using a multi-sensory approach. Children will learn to use posture, balance, control, movement, perception, memory and coordination correctly to develop good handwriting habits from the very beginning. Taught by an experienced Occupational Therapist, your child will improve handwriting skills using fun and unique approaches.

This program is child specific, based on their current ability level and age. Children between the ages of 3 and 8 may participate.

Handwriting Skills Groups will take place weekly over the course of 8-10 sessions. Groups will run throughout the year, based on need (at least 4 children are needed, with no more than 8 children in a group). Please contact our office for the registration, current fees, group meeting times and more information.

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