Handwriting Group Using The Handwriting Without Tears Program – NOW ENROLLING


The goal of Handwriting Without Tears® is to make legible and fluent handwriting an automatic and natural skills for children of all ability levels. This program uses fun, entertaining, and educationally-sound instructional methods to teach  and writing to all students: preschool through cursive. Handwriting Without Tears® is unique in that it is developmentally-based, works for children of all abilities, uses multi-sensory teaching aids and methods, and is easy to teach and fun to learn.

If a child is having trouble with handwriting, an evaluation can be conducted (regardless of what handwriting methods may be being used at school) to assess upper case, lower case, number skills, spacing, and size. This will allow us to determine a child’s strengths and difficulties, and we can then develop a customized remediation plan that will specifically address each area of challenge.

This Program Features:
– Assist parents and children in learning the sequence of development for handwriting skills as practiced by the Handwriting Without Tears® Writing Program
– Recognize common handwriting problems (reversals, sizing, etc) and provide simple remediation strategies
– Multisensory techniques and consistent habits for letter formation to help all children learn.
– Unique strategies to teach good letter formation, spacing, neatness, and cursive connections

Who is Appropriate for this Group?
– Children ages 5-7
– Ability to attend for at least 15 minute intervals
– Working toward mastery of capital letters and beginning lower case printing

Pediatric Speech Therapy Associates’ Handwriting Group will be starting in early January. Please call immediately to ensure your child will have a spot in our class.

Interested in learning more about the Handwriting Without Tears® approach, please click here.

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