Home-based Therapy Services

Home-based Therapy Services

Pediatric Speech Therapy Associates’ home-based therapists are sensitive to the fact that we are guests in your home with the privilege of training and equipping you to meet the needs of your child.

Our supportive therapists use a play-based, sensory motor approach to help your child achieve developmental milestones and maximize their functional potential.  Suggestions are given to make your daily routine as therapeutic as possible.  Pediatric Speech Therapy Associates’ therapists are passionate about helping families find joy in the journey of raising their children!

Pediatric Speech Therapy Associates offers home-based therapy services for speech and occupational therapy for infants and children birth to three who are:

  • Under the age of 3 years
  • Post-operative/ temporarily homebound
  • Technologically dependent (e.g., require a ventilator to stay alive)
  • In a family situation with undue hardship (e.g., both parents are disabled)
  • Medically fragile (e.g., immunosuppressed)

Here are a few of the many benefits to Pediatric Speech Therapy Associates’ home-based services:

  • Pediatric Speech Therapy Associates’ collaborative approach provides the most comprehensive support for families.  We work closely with speech, occupational & physical therapist, nurses, private and public schools and other medical specialists involved in the child’s care.
  • Infants and children seen at home may be happier and more relaxed which can lead to increased participation and better outcomes.
  • Caregiver empowerment. Pediatric Speech Therapy Associates’ provides support at a stressful time in parents’ lives and encourages family participation. Caregiver education regarding your child’s unique therapy requirements takes place within the family’s routine and incorporates the family’s own resources. They are taught to monitor and report change, which helps make therapy more meaningful and promotes involvement, understanding, and acceptance.
  • Improved follow-through is noted with exercises and daily activities, as your family takes an active role in progressing your child’s development and in providing the best home environment available for the child.  When the family is “on-board”, maximal independent functioning is promoted!
  • Transportation stressors are eliminated.
  • Home-based therapists can easily assure that the most appropriate, functionally supportive equipment is ordered and truly used by your family.
  • The home environment can readily be adapted for equipment or therapeutic benefit.
  • Attendance is improved for medical and therapy appointments.

Home-based therapy is an important tool for your child’s comprehensive care.  As a part of the overall healthcare plan, it can improve outcomes for children with speech or motor delays and can make a positive change in your family’s life.  We hope to be a bright spot in your day when we come to your home!