Chatty Chefs Group | Pediatric Occupational Therapy Group

Welcome to the Chatty Chefs group! This is an expressive language and occupational therapy group designed to help children carryover skills learned in treatment. Chefs are encouraged to formulate sentences, improve grammar, work on word retrieval and articulation, and verbally sequence sentences into longer utterances. Chefs also get the opportunity to work on fine motor skills, increase sensory opportunities, and increase muscle strengthening, range of motion, oral motor development, motor planning and adaptive equipment if needed. We also target some early math sills such as measuring. Because cooking is so fun and is a great way to interact with friends, our group activities will revolve around cooking.

Each week we will make a new recipe in our kitchen. The kids will be encouraged to verbally describe each step of our picture recipes. Throughout the session, we will help with grammar and articulation too! Chefs will also use their bodies and sensory systems to complete tasks independently. Afterwards, while the kids enjoy their treats we will work on expressive language and engagement through socialization. Everyone will get a copy of our yummy recipes to replicate at home. If you have any fun recipes to try please let us know!

Group Expectations

  • Attendance: If a patient”no shows” 3 times; they are discharged from the group. Please contact us if you need to cancel.
  • Safety: Because we’re working in a kitchen with a microwave, toaster oven, blender and utensils, safety will be of utmost importance therefore any child who cannot comply with safety rules such as not touching of the equipment, no rough play, etc. will be discharged from the group.
  • Homework: We have added fun homework questions to each of our recipes. Some of the concepts will be convered in the group. Please take a few minutes to go over these with your child. You may also wish to re-create the recipe too!
  • Allergies: We are a nut free clinic here at Pediatric Speech Therapy Associates. Our recipes are safe for those kids who have peanut allergies.
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