Occupational Therapy

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Pediatric Speech Therapy Associates offers a comprehensive, state-of-the-art pediatric Occupational Therapy Program with a vibrant developmental approach. Our skilled and versatile occupational therapy team specializes in the evaluation and treatment of children from premature babies to teenagers with health challenges in the following areas:

– Fine motor skills involving small muscle movements, use of fingers and Speech, Occupational & Physical Therapycoordination with the eyes and hand movement together.
– Perceptual motor skills involving the coordination of the two sides of the body, hearing, seeing, feeling and moving to perform novel functional and motor tasks.
– Sensorimotor skills involve incorporating information received from body senses and the environment to carry out appropriate movement skills required for functional living skills, following directions and social skills.
– Social interactions and play skills relating to the use of fine motor, perceptual motor and sensory motor skills while at home and in the community.
– Upper extremity ability involving the use of shoulders, arms, hands and shoulder girdle for age-appropriate skills and activities.

Our goal is to help your child be able to participate in the occupational skills of infancy, childhood and adolescence ― whether it’s making eye contact while nursing, picking up the ball and tossing it to another child or being able to dress in the morning.

Maximizing your child’s potential for success and independence by coordinating their thinking, speaking, hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling and eating with helpful and developmentally appropriate body movements and behaviors is our goal.

Our outcomes include:

Participation in self-care activities
Use of and skill with the upper body, including arms, hands and fingers
Tolerance of sensory inputs, including tastes, smells, textures, movement, and sounds

Interactions and engagement with parents, family members, and caregivers
Interactions and engagement in learning activities at home
Ability to play independently and with peers
Rehabilitation of the arms, hands and fingers after disability, injury, accident and/or surgery.
Coordination of age-appropriate behavior and social interactions with fine-motor, sensorimotor and perceptual motor skills

Therapy Groups

Chatty Chefs – This is an expressive language and occupational therapy group designed to help children carryover skills learned in treatment. Chefs are encouraged to formulate sentences, improve grammar, work on word retrieval and articulation, and verbally sequence sentences into longer utterances.

Handwriting Skills Group – Pediatric Speech Therapy Associates offers Handwriting Skills groups for children of all abilities that are presented in a fun, interactive way with movement breaks provided in our sensory-motor gym. Pediatric Speech Therapy Associates’ Handwriting Skills Groups are based on the nationally recognized Handwriting Without Tears® Curriculum developed by Jan Z. Olsen, OTR.

Interested in learning more about occupational therapy? Read a recent article from the American Occupational Therapy Association on “What is the Role of Occupational Therapy in Early Intervention?”

The PSTA Difference

We comprehensively evaluate and treat the child as a whole while also focusing on the family’s needs and goals. Our occupational therapists help each child become more independent and successful in everyday life. This includes dressing, brushing teeth, coloring, writing, listening, playing and interacting with family and friends. We are skilled at determining the right combination of strategies, including exercises, games, equipment, tools and modalities to accomplish each child’s unique therapeutic goals, partnering with the family to develop the best home activities.

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