Occupational Therapy Evaluation

Occupational Therapy Evaluation

On your first visit an occupational therapist(s) will conduct an occupational therapy evaluation of your child, lasting about one hour. They will:

– Talk with you about your child, what the doctors have told you and your concerns
– Take a medical history of issues related to your child’s occupational therapy needs
– Talk with you about any previous therapies you’ve tried
– Ask questions about any problems or concerns you have about your child’s behavior and functional skills.

During the occupational therapy evaluation, therapists may take turns talking and observing. If two therapists are involved in the evaluation one therapist interviews you, while the other therapist may play with your child, see how they use various toys and will begin to use a standardized assessment.

They’ll use one or a few standardized testing tools, which are painless and often fun, including:

– Peabody Developmental Motor Skills Test
– Bruninks-Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency
– Sensory Profile
– Test of Visual Perceptual Skills

The sessions will conclude with a preliminary plan of what to expect next. Once tests are scored our therapists will call you to discuss findings and therapeutic plans. Our therapists will discuss either at the evaluation; follow up call or first therapeutic session:

– Discuss your role in your child’s therapy and any specific training they would like you to have.
– Make sure you are comfortable with the therapeutic activities and exercises they would like you to do with your child at home
– Answer your questions

Interested in learning more? Read a recent article from the American Occupational Therapy Association on “What is the Role of Occupational Therapy in Early Intervention?”

The PSTA Difference

We comprehensively evaluate and treat the child as a whole while also focusing on the family’s needs and goals. Our occupational therapists help each child become more independent and successful in everyday life. This includes dressing, brushing teeth, coloring, writing, listening, playing and interacting with family and friends. We are skilled at determining the right combination of strategies, including exercises, games, equipment, tools and modalities to accomplish each child’s unique therapeutic goals, partnering with the family to develop the best home activities.

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