Parent Toddler Language Group

Parent Toddler Language Group – Toddler Talk

The Parent Toddler Language Group is a language based therapy group that focuses on building language skills through daily experiences between caregiver and child.

Toddler Talk helps promote communication, language, motor and social-emotional development through playing, singing & social interaction. Our certified Speech Language Pathologists will guide both you and your child throughout the learning process.

We provide direct therapy for the child and ongoing education for the caregiver. The goal is for you to use our language strategies and apply them in your own homes and daily routines to develop your child’s language skills everyday!

Who is involved?

The Parent Toddler Language Group consists of four Speech Language Pathologist, children, and most importantly, you – the caregiver! Toddler Talk takes place in a small group setting, usually made up of 8 families interested in helping build their child’s language skills. Additionally, we ask that caregivers attend our Parent training each week, facilitated by our Hanen Certified Speech Language Pathologist.

How does it work?

The Parent Toddler Language Group meets once a week for a 90 minute session. Our spring session will be held on Friday mornings, from 9:30-11:00 Please contact us for additional details. Therapy revolves around a consistent routine, including child-directed play time using focused language strategies, art, sensory exploration, gross motor movement, songs and snack time.

The group activities are based on themes such as animals, music, emotions, or seasons. These activities are designed to be fun while building vocabulary, developing important concepts, and providing more opportunities for your child to talk with peers and caregivers.

What is Hanen?

Hanen is a specialized training that Speech Pathologists may obtain that utilizes a comprehensive approach, enabling parents and educators to play a primary role in promoting language development and emergent skills in young children. One of the best ways to help your child is to have a first hand look at your child’s language achievements and to understand how to apply them for successful home carryover.

Read a testimonial from our most recent Toddler Talk group

“This is a great program. I love that we get to bring the kids and they participate with other therapists while the parents are in a class learning techniques. – Thanks, Katie”

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