Pediatric School Based Teletherapy

Pediatric School Based Speech & Occupational Teletherapy

Online speech therapy, also called Speech Teletherapy, makes it easy to access specialists. Research shows that with telepractice a speech-language pathologist can provide speech therapy services, with the same results, as being there in person.”

Speech Teletherapy

Speech telepractice uses a computer with a video connection to provide speech therapy in many settings including your home, daycare, school, office or other setting.

If your computer is connected to the internet, we can typically provide speech telepractice. The therapy connection is private and secure.

Speech telepractice can be provided to preschoolers, children in school and adults at home or in offices. Benefits of teletherapy include:

  • Speech-language assessments online
  • Fun, interactive, and rewarding therapy games
  • Every session with a certified speech-language pathologist
  • 24/7 access to your progress notes, IEP, and more through our work management solution
  • One-on-one or group therapy sessions in schools
  • Speech therapy from the comfort of your own home

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association states TeleSpeech is a form of telepractice that uses “telecommunication technology to deliver professional services at a distance. Telepractice may be used to covercome barriers of access to services caused by distance, unavailability of specialists and/or sub-specialists, and impaired mobility.”

Studies have show equivalent efficacy results with face-to-face therapy.

Why Speech Teletherapy?

  • Cost efficient
  • Drastically reduces travel expenses
  • Easy to use technology that allows real-time, two-way interactive communications (live video and voice connections)
  • Group and individual speech therapy
  • Nationally certified and state licensed therapists
  • IEP team conferences
  • Teacher/Parent Consultation
  • On-site visits with students/teachers/parents

Pediatric Speech Therapy Associates offers an innovative and cost-effective approach for speech & occupational therapy in rural public schools. Utilizing real-time interactive videoconferencing, Pediatric Speech Therapy Associates ‘speech-language pathologists & occupational therapists provide comprehensive speech therapy and occupational therapy services to students throughout the state of Colorado. These services are recognized by the Colorado Department of Education as an alternative to on-site therapy services for public schools and the American Speech and Hearing Association.

Program Services

  • Speech and language screenings
  • Group and individual speech therapy
  • Standardized testing to document qualification for therapy
  • IEP (Individual Education Plan) documentation
  • Participation in IEP meetings via teleconferencing
  • Parent and teacher conferences
  • Periodic on-site visits with students, teachers and parents by speech teletherapy speech language pathologist or a occupational teletherapist
  • Compliance with public school speech therapy & occupational therapy services

Telepractice To The Rescue

Discover the power of telepractice in the delivery of Speech-Language Pathology Services. Watch ASHA’s new video promoting telepractice in both schools and health care settings. The video features Learn It’s Lara LaZear talking about the benefits of telepractice in school settings.

Nationwide, thousands of students in need of speech language therapy go underserved or unserved. Many school districts, typically rural and urban, struggle to find qualified therapists with the right skills to meet their students’ needs.