Programs & Groups

Specialized Programs & Groups Overview

Kids we serve often do not have opportunities to participate in organized sports or extracurricular activities like other children their age. Pediatric Speech Therapy Associates is committed to providing experiences for children to learn and fine-tune skills within a fun-filled group environment. Our creative programs provide your child with wonderful opportunities for typical childhood experiences that build self-esteem and encourage social/emotional development. Each group is developed and facilitated by an occupational, physical, and/or speech therapist. Groups are organized and planned to meet the needs of your child within the group setting. Families consistently share that the group experience has made a positive impact on their child and in their family!

Parent Toddler Language Group – Toddler Talk

The Parent Toddler Language Group is a language based therapy group that focuses on building language skills through daily experiences between caregiver and child.

Toddler Talk helps promote communication, language, motor and social-emotional development through playing, singing & social interaction. Our certified Speech Language Pathologists will guide both you and your child throughout the learning process.

We provide direct therapy for the child and ongoing education for the caregiver. The goal is for you to use our language strategies and apply them in your own homes and daily routines to develop your child’s language skills everyday!

Superflex – A Therapeutic Social Skills Group

We teach social skills in a small group setting led by a Speech and Language Pathologist with special training in social communication disorders, with the assistance of a Speech Aide. This group setting provides opportunities to learn with and from other people, to understand one’s own feelings and behaviors as well the feelings and behaviors of others. It also offers a place where children and adolescents can slow down and explore what is not going well for them as well as what is. They can practice new behaviors that will enhance their social skills in a safe and positive environment. Skills are taught by direct instruction, role-playing, video modeling, skill practice with peers, generalization activities, homework, naturally occurring events, video self-review, reward systems and games.

Chatty Chefs Group

This is an expressive language and occupational therapy group designed to help children carryover skills learned in treatment. Chefs are encouraged to formulate sentences, improve grammar, work on word retrieval and articulation, and verbally sequence sentences into longer utterances. Chefs also get the opportunity to work on fine motor skills, increase sensory opportunities, and increase muscle strengthening, range of motion, oral motor development, motor planning and adaptive equipment if needed. We also target some early math sills such as measuring. Because cooking is so fun and is a great way to interact with friends, our group activities will revolve around cooking.

Handwriting Skills Group

Pediatric Speech Therapy Associates offers Handwriting Skills groups for children of all abilities that are presented in a fun, interactive way with movement breaks provided in our sensory-motor gym. Pediatric Speech Therapy Associates’ Handwriting Skills Groups are based on the nationally recognized Handwriting Without Tears® Curriculum developed by Jan Z. Olsen, OTR. This program will teach your child a method of handwriting which is neat and proficient using a multi-sensory approach. Children will learn to use posture, balance, control, movement, perception, memory and coordination correctly to develop good handwriting habits from the very beginning. Taught by an experienced Occupational Therapist, your child will improve handwriting skills using fun and unique approaches.