What is the process by which my child will receive services?

Beginning therapy at PSTA is as easy as A B C!

A. Call our clinic at 720-542-8737. Our helpful office staff will ask you simple questions about the services you are looking for, as well as insurance information, and will schedule an evaluation appointment. Have your insurance card handy when you call! You will conveniently obtain a Parent Packet via or e-mail. Please fill it out and return it before your scheduled evaluation.

B. At your first visit, an evaluation will include:
1. Formal and informal evaluations
2. Parent and child interviews
3. Parent-therapist collaboration regarding your child’s current skills and challenges, and how PSTA can help!

Following the evaluation, your therapist will discuss recommendations and provide you with a copy of the evaluation report.

C. If further therapy is recommended, your child will be seen at a frequency that is decided by you, your therapist, and your child’s physician, to address his/her needs in a fun and playful way during treatment and through home program suggestions. If therapy is not recommended, you and your child will be provided with ideas and therapy tools/suggestions to use at home and in the community. PSTA therapists are always available to answer questions and “troubleshoot” concerns.