Speech / Language Evaluations

Speech / Language Evaluations

We provide comprehensive speech language evaluations in speech and language development for children of all ages. Our evaluations are performed by Colorado Licensed Speech and Language Pathologists with a clinical certificate of competency from the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association. We utilize a variety of standardized tests, checklists & clinical judgement in order to assess the child’s ability in all areas of speech and language development. Depending on the needs of the child we will provide an overall comprehensive speech and language evaluation and/or a limited evaluation targeting a specific area of concern. Read below for more information on Pediatric Speech Therapy Associates evaluation process.

Comprehensive speech language evaluations will look at the following:

– Receptive language, or what your child understands (semantics, syntax, and morphology)
– Expressive language, the way your child expresses him or herself (semantics, syntax, morphology, narrative, and pragmatics)
– Articulation, or how your child produces specific sounds and auditory processing

If concerns are noted, we will also evaluate a child’s voice (pitch, rate and loudness) and fluency (smooth rate of speech). Additionally, we may also assess oral motor and/or feeding skills if a child is having difficulty chewing, swallowing or tolerating different textures.

Families will be provided with a report detailing their child’s strengths and weaknesses in speech and language, including standardized scores and a specific treatment plan (if applicable). If a problem is identified from the testing that is not “developmental” in nature (in other words, your child will not “grow out of it”), speech and/or language therapy is usually recommended.

Our therapist will thoroughly explain the problem to you and your family, and make specific recommendations, which will include individualized goals and objectives. Your child may be referred to other specialists for additional assessment or treatment. Finally, information may be given to you on how to work with your child at home.

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